Posted on: February 7, 2009 6:36 pm

I Want My Money Back!

We were bamboozled! Shafted! Bush-leagued!

This latest evidence as reported by SI has made me sick.  Of course there have been numerous conspiracy theories but now we KNOW that they knew.  Heads need to roll, starting with Bud Selig, including Gene Orza, and on down.

This is an absolute disgrace to the game of baseball.

Their stance as given by Rob Manfred is weak. It also will not hold up in Federal court, by the way. "Because the survey testing that took place in 2003 was intended to be non-disciplinary and anonymous, we can not make any comment on the accuracy of this report as it pertains to the player named."

My stance as a fan of the game is, "I want my money back!"

The millions of tax payer dollars that have gone into to their new stadiums.

The thousands of dollars spent on tickets to go the games and the over priced concessions.

I want my money back.

MLB fed us this new game.  They used all these long balls and gaudy statistics to put us back in the seats after it shut us out with the strike.  They think we will just turn a cheek, as they did, and keep throwing our hard earned money at them.

They do not care about the history of this great game and what it has stood for through more than a century of America. They are still getting their millions hand over fist and destroying the pastime that some of us revere so deeply.

As a life long fan I demand better. We all should.

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Posted on: December 10, 2008 5:54 pm

When is enough really enough?

7 years, $160,000,000 to throw a baseball once every 5 days.  Cy Young must be vehemently nauseous in his grave!

There is a ridiculous amount of money generated by professional sports and I am by all means 110% behind the athletes getting their share but can we somehow put and end to this gluttonous behavior?  I like the way the different leagues have controlled the rookie pay scales and wonder if there is a way to structure a scale for free agents as well to avoid this lunacy!  I guess the one thing you can argue is that the top baseball players have caught up with the NBA and they play twice as many games?  No one in the NFL tops $20 mil and only one is over $15 (Peyton Manning).  The NBA has 9 at $20 mil or more. The MLB will now have 4, all of whom play for the Yankees!

The only beautiful thing about it is that money doesn't necessarily buy victories. Last years New York Yankees club won only 5 more games than the lowest salaried Florida Marlins (who played one less game) with 10 times the payroll.  $209,081,579 versus $21,836,500.  The Tampa Bay Rays ($62,182,767) and the Minnesota Twins ($43,820,598) combined were just over half of the Yankees tab. We all know where the Rays went but the Twins were only a game short of the Yanks.  Here is to much more of the same good ol' karma in 2009!

I don't have a solution or even a good suggestion.  Any good accountants or economists feel free to chime in!  It just disgusts me to see this with athlete's when this enthusiast is struggling to find a job as his unemployment is running out.

Break a leg C.C. Sabathia, your on the biggest stage of 'em all!
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Posted on: August 19, 2008 2:15 pm

Ruining the Thrill of Victory

This 'issue' of my musings around baseball is more of a rant and I apologize profusely for it!

I am a Cubs fan.  I was torn as a kid as my dad took me to Sux games as well and in all honesty in the early 80's they were both decent clubs.  How could you not like Pudge Fisk, Baines, Luzinski & that kid with the powerful swing - Ron Kittle.  Their pitching was just ridiculous in '83 too.... but enough about the Sux.

I am a Cubs fan.  I have enjoyed most of my life as a Cubs fan despite all the misery they have given back to me.  But boy this year has been special! Still is very special as it is not even September yet.  One thing that is absolutely driving me up a wall though is all these self proclaiming Cubs fans that just pick & poke at every intricacy & over manage being a fan!  One post after another critisizing players, pitchers, Lou's decisions, trades, draft picks.... you would think the Cubs are in last or something.  Wake up people!  Realize the organization you love is doing it ALL RIGHT for once!  We have developed a ton of good talent in the last 5 years.  We have made some insane trades that I never thought possible for the Cubs. Oh yeah... and we are pace for over 100 victories!

That is not a typo ladies & gentlemen.  This team can very well win OVER ONE HUNDRED GAMES... not since 1935 have the Chicago Cubs won 100 games.... this is CRAZINESS PEOPLE.... enjoy every pitch, every smell, every second of what we are witnessing before us.

Please stop with all the crazy banter about when we should clinch.  And who should be given days off & all that nonsense.  That is why they brought in Lou Pinella.  He is GREAT AT THIS... just enjoy it and truly love what being a Cubs fan entitles you to.

That is all for now. Thank you & good day!


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Posted on: July 31, 2008 12:14 pm

Please say "No" Junior!

I sent a text message to one of my best friends today. He has been a Red Sox fan his whole life but his favorite player growing up was the legendary Michael Jack Schmidt.  He of the Phillies, HOF & 500 club, among many others.  My text said, "Imagine Michael Jack playing 3rd base for the Yankees." His response, "Oooooh, great anaolgy".  That is about how I feel today. For your own perspective, imagine your favorite player, idol & to some extent, God, just being traded to your sworn enemy..... stings doesn't it!

I loved watching Junior play every day.  I went to almost every Mariners game at that hell they used to call Comiskey Park, even got a couple autographs from him after the last series there in '90.  Was the absolute greatest moment in my life at the time (I was 13).  I collected every card, article, shirt, hat, life size stand-up I could get my hands on.  When he left Seattle for Cincy I was a bit sad because now I had to root for my favorite player against my team, the Cubs.  But it was not that bad becasue he took less money & he went "home".... it was not like that other team mate of his hitting the lottery off of the Rangers or selling out to the "Evil Empire".

I have shed tears watching him get hurt & chastised by the so called Cincy faithful.  How could you boo & sneer the greatest player of my generation? The guy has the sweetest swing the game may have ever seen.  He plays every day with a smile & full of joy becasue it is a game.  He roamed CF with effortless grace like only Willie before him.  The only reason he suffered those many injuries was because of his all out defense & hustle.  Not because he fell apart form juice or because he was selfish.  He has been a blessing to this game especially in this tainted era.

But now, today, he holds the last word on whether he will go play for the White Sux.... a team that doesn't deserve him... a fan base that could care less about what they are getting and have already begun crying about it.  Please say "NO" Junior.  Hold out for better. If nothing else, you will be a FA and can go ANYWHERE next year..... PLEASE do not put on that gross uniform, as your biggest fan, I beg of you.

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